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HUNTER hit the show scene in winning style, going WD, BOW, & BOW, and taking 3 Best Puppy In Groups, to go with his first 5 points, on his first weekend after turning 6 months old. His 2nd weekend was a repeat, but instead took 6 points, to finish his Cdn Championship at 6 months and 11 days old. Hunter was moved to specials for his next 2 weekends, which produced 2 more Best Puppy In Group wins, and 2 Best of Breed Wins over Specials. Hunter is now 17 months old, and will be appearing on the American show scene shortly to work on his American title, but before leaving, Hunter was entered for 1 day at the Camrose shows, and went BOB over 11 Samoyeds which included 4 Specials. Hunter has gorgeous all around movement, a sweet Sammy temperament, correct structure, and looks that will put a smile on every face. Hunter is out of Sabre and Electra, and is from a repeat breeding which produced Belle and Jet.
FLASH! On his first day at an AKC all breed show, Hunter went WD and BOS over a Special for a 5 point Major! MORE NEWS!!! On his 2nd two day weekend in the ring, Hunter goes WD, BOW, and BOS, for 2, 3 point back to back majors. More good news!! Hunter goes WD and BOW for another 3 point major on his third 2 day weekend of showing, and now has 14 points. And last but not least, on his 8th day in the all breed rings, Hunter went WD and BOW, for his 4th, 3 point major, to finish his American Championship with 17 points, from start to finish in only 44 days!
Hunter is a Multi-Group Placer in the States, & went BOS in the Wisconsin Specialty in 2003. Hunter added a Group 2 and a Group 3 to his list of accomplishments on coming home to Canada, in November/03.
Hunter started 2004 out right, with 3 BOB wins, a Group 1 and a Group 3, his first weekend out. Hunter is now a Multi-Group Winner & Placer in Canada. He went Group 1 and recieved an AOM at a Group 1st Classic, and received a Group 2 at a Working Dog Specialty, & a Group 3 in the All Breed Show, in one weekend. He added a Group 2 & a Group 3 on a trip to Fargo, N.D. in May/04.

Hunter continues his winning ways, with 54 BOB wins, 8 Group 1st's and 29 Group Placements. Hunter finished his September long weekend with 2 Group 1st's, 2 Group 3rd's and a Best In Show. Hunter went out in November and finished the year off with 3 BOB wins, a Group 2, and Best In Specialty Show, at the Manitoba Samoyed Association Specialty. Way to go Hunter!! We're very proud of you!
Hunter has produced 3 Champions so far.
Hunter's Hips OFA Clear, Heart OFA Clear, Eyes CERF Clear.


Smuggler is a very warm and loving personality, that makes him a joy to live with and show. Smuggler finshed his Canadian Championship in 2 weekends of showing, going Group 4 on his first weekend out. His good looks, structure and conformation, complete this winning picture.
Smuggler has been bred twice. His first litter of 6 females and 2 males, out of Ch Alexann's Fantasia, are making there presence known in the rings. One female won 7 BPIG's and completed her Championship. A second female finished her Championship with a Group 3. His first male out of the litter finished his Championship winning a Group 4 and then a Group 3. The third female, Angel, started her first weekend and first time in the ring with a Group 1 and finished her weekend with 9 points, 1 point from her Championship. Angel finished her championship her next time in the ring, with a Group 4.
This makes the 4th Champion out of Smuggler's first litter. Smuggler's hips are Good and eyes Clear.


Nefertiti is out of Am Ch Denka's Simply Sunsational CD WS, Sunny, and Am/Cdn Ch Bluestorm Whitegold Landmark, Terra.
In her first weekend in the show ring, Nefertiti received six points. Nefertiti started the 2nd weekend needing 4 points to finish her championship. In her first show , Nefertiti went Group 2 and received the required 4 points. She then received a Group 4 on Sunday morning from a judge who commented that the ribbon colour should match the dog.
Nefertiti proved that judge oh so wrong and went out to show off her kennel colours and finish the weekend with a BLUE ribbon, Group 1 win!
Nefertiti has had one litter of 3 males and 1 female. One male, Bugs and female Chicklet are attending classes and will be entering the ring shortly.
Eyes CERF Clear, Hips Good.


Flyer was not shown until she was 2 1/2 years old. In 3 weekends Flyer collected 8 points, including a Group 4. Flyer finished her Championship October 3/04, going BOW.
Flyer is the Mother of Ch Alexann Bluestorm's Star Sasha(Sasha), Ch Bluestorms Keeper Of The Blue, Ch Bluestorms One Slick Chick and Cdn/Am Ch Bluestorms A Wink And A Smile, RN, HIC. Flyer's eyes CERF'd CLEAR, HIPS OFA GOOD.


Terra is a sweetheart in and out of the ring. Terra has the perfect Samoyed temperament, dynamite movement, and mesmerizing beauty. With these weapons in hand, at 8 1/2 months old, Terra went out to finish her Championship. And finish she did, her Championship and all her competition, going WB, BOW, and BOS from the classes over female Specials the first 2 days, and then going WB, BOW, and BOB the next 2 days over male Specials, and topped it off with a Group 4! Way to go Sweetheart!!
Snow, Jet, Belle, Breeze and Dee are Terra's Half sisters. Hunter is Terra's half brother.
Terra went to the SCA National Specialty in October/01, and took 2nd place in the Open class, with 37 females competing. Terra finished her American Championship going Best Of Winners for a 4 point major in New Mexico.
Terra has one daughter, Ch Bluestorm Landmark Nefertiti, who in two weekends completed her championship. Nefertiti received 6 points her first weekend. She started the 2nd weekend and finished her championship with a Group 2, and finished the weekend with a Group 1 win. Eyes CERF Clear, Hips OFA Good.

Terra's Pedigree



Electra is a sweet girl who charmed the judges out of the ribbons with her unforgettable good looks, temperament, and movement, which she has passed on to her offspring. Electra finished her American championship in 9 days of showing, with 3 majors, going Reserve only once, and finished her UKC and International titles in 3 shows each. Electra has produced 12 Champions to date, out of 4 litters and received her ROMC(Register Of Merit Canada), from the Samoyed Association Of Canada, and her ROMC (Register Of Merit Conformation), from the Samoyed Club Of America. Nine of her twelve show championship offspring finished as puppies. Aspen finished at fourteen months with very limited showing. Snow finished her American Championship at seven months, the youngest Samoyed ever to finish an American Championship, and then obtained her UKC championship at 18 months, and now has her Int'l and Canadian titles. Nino finished his Canadian Championship as a Junior puppy, and his American Championship just before 2 years of age, in 7 days of showing, with 3 majors. Jet had 8 points as a puppy, and went Best Puppy In Show her second weekend out. Jet finished her Canadian Championship at 13 months old, with a 3 point win, going WB, and BOW. Jet now has her American title as well. Belle became a UKC Champion as a Senior Puppy. Two weeks later, and 5 days after her 1st birthday, Belle finished her American Championship, with a 4 point major! At 18 months old, Belle added an International Championship to her list of titles. Electra has produced 18 puppies out of 4 litters, out of which 12 are Champions, 7 of which have multiple titles. Electra has 17 Champion Grandsons and Granddaughters, which includes AM/CDN Champion Terra, and another Granddaughter, Sophie, AM/cdn Ch Bluestorm A Wink And A Smile RN, HIC. Another 3 Grandduaghters and 4 Grandsons are working on thier AKC & CKC titles. Hunter has added BIS, BISS and AOM to his titles, and Dee and Breeze are from Electra's last litter. Electra's Hips OFA Good, Eyes Permanently CERF Certified CLEAR.


Snow is the youngest Female Samoyed ever to finish her American championship at 7 months of age, going Best of Opposite, for a 3 point major! Snow finished her UKC championship at 18 months, her International title at 3 years old, and now her Canadian Championship one week after her 5th birthday. Snow's dam is Am/Cdn/Int/UKC Ch. Polar Mist Bluestorm Electra, ROMC. Snow has 1 Am/Cdn Champion daughter, Terra, who blew away the competition to finish her Cdn Championship at 8 1/2 months old. Scroll down to see a picture of Terra. Snow went out to work on her Canadian Championship, and on her first weekend out, collected 7 points, 3 BOW, 2 BOS, 1 BOB win over Specials, and topped it off with a Group 4! Snow had 9 points toward her Canadian Championship, but blew her coat with one point to go. One week after turning 5 years old, and still with very little coat, Snow went out, and with nothing to hide that gorgeous body, bared it all to finish with WB and BOW for a 3 point win. Snow's Hips OFA Good, Eyes CERF Clear Feb/05.


Jet is owned by Carole Nagus and Sharon Wazney. Jet is a joy to see in the ring. With her up attitude, gorgeous looks, and beautiful movement, Jet went BPIS her second weekend out, and collected 8 points in her brief time in the ring. At 13 months old, Jet finished her Championship, going WB and BOW, for a 3 point win. Jet is out of Am/Int/Nat/UKC GR Ch. Samkota's Sabre Of White Gold HIC and Am/Cdn/Int/UKC Ch Polar Mist Bluestorm Electra, (SAC) ROMC, (SCA) ROMC. Electra is pictured below. Jet's littersister, Belle, Am/Int/UKC Ch Whitegold's Belle Of Bluestorm HIC can be seen on LE GIRLS page of this website. Terra, is a half sister to Jet and Belle. Jet went WB and BOW at the Minneapolis-St Paul Specialty in May/03 for a 4 point Major, and finished her American title in Sept/03. Eyes CERF Clear Feb/05. Hip's OFA GOOD.

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